I take great pride in giving my clients personal service and make myself available to talk or meet with my clients whenever they feel the need to discuss their case. My reviews speak for themselves.

“Mr. Cook was always reachable and took the time to explain and answer all of my questions regarding my case. He navigates through all the court processes seamlessly and I received an extremely favorable outcome. I could not be more pleased with my end result.” Pete

“Mr. Cook represented me in an accident claim and was very effective. He and his team were quick to respond to my communications and handled all issues on my behalf with excellent results. I received a great settlement. I highly recommend him.” Takeyce

“Mr. Cook took care of my case with no problem at all, my jailable offense charge was dropped and my fine of 290$ was reduced to 24$ , excellent lawyer and if I am ever in trouble again I know who to call!” Marcus

“Mr. Cook was very honest & up front with everything he said & did. My son’s case was not a surprise. I highly recommended Mr. Cook.” Tara & Jordan

“Mr. Cook was very honest & up front with everything he said & did. My case was not a surprise at all. He explained everything in complete detail. He was reasonable financially & was able to work with me on a payment plan. Highly recommended.” Chris

“Mr. Cook is one of the best in the state of Maryland. He was clearly attentive to my case and advised me to my greatest benefit. He knows the law accurately and in depth.” Anonymous

“I hired Tim after consulting various attorney reviews, and talking with people I knew were very familiar with the Hartford County Court System – it’s judges, prosecutors, and attorney’s. Tim Cook came very highly recommended and I feel so blessed that I went with him! Tim prepared me very well for my court date – we had a plan going in, and I had a good idea of what was to happen. Then came the day! Everything changed based on circumstances that presented itself on the day of court! Tim instantly consulted with me and advised a change of plan based on what he felt were advantageous conditions unique to that day!!! I decided to trust in Tim Cook’s judgement and experience and we made a quick decision to not continue the case but instead plea that day! My outcome was much better than I had any reason to expect – I was soooo lucky that Tim knew his stuff, knew the judges, knew the prosecutors, and knew when to act! My life has been greatly affected in a positive way and I am truly thankful that I made the decision to hire Tim Cook. I would give him my highest recommendation and know that, though I hope to never need his services in the future, if I do I would hire him again in an instant! Thank you Tim, I truly appreciate the job you did on my behalf!” Steve

“We hired Tim to represent a family member for a first offense DUI. Having no familiarity with the legal system, we were totally in the dark as to what to expect. Tim took us by the hand and guided us through the entire process. We had many questions as our case proceeded and we found Tim willing to lend his advice at every turn. When we called, he answered or returned our call in a timely manner. That’s what you expect when you hire an attorney, and he did not disappoint. We found him to be knowledgable, compassionate, understanding, and hard working. Tim used his extensive experience with the legal system to recommend to us the best course of action to ensure the most favorable outcome given our particular situation, and showed flexibility and tenacity to ensure we were always represented in the best possible light when our case took some unexpected turns. If you find yourself having to negotiate the legal system, Tim is the guy you want on your team.” Anonymous

“Unfortunately, I have had more experience with lawyers than I really want to admit. However, If it was not for Tim Cook, I would have proceeded with an over priced, cocky, and uninformative lawyer. Luckily I found Mr. Cook and he helped me in EVERY way that he possibly could. He is more compassionate than most people you will ever come in contact with. He is easy to talk to, answers ALL questions and NEVER once made me feel stupid for asking. He also reassured me when I needed it everytime! He explained every option and really went out of his way to secure my future freedom! Not to mention my particular case was postponed several times and he was still always there and eagerly available! I can not say enough good things about this man! Don’t wait…if u are looking for the best lawyer, and want to feel respected and comfortable all at an affordable rate……CALL TIM COOK ???? ????” Melissa

“Timothy Cook has represented us numerous times, and every time the result has been exactly what we had expected. He is professional, very kind and courteous. He will listen to every detail of your case and lay out all of the best options. Very easy to talk to honestly about whatever your case may involve. His prices are reasonable and he has a great reputation in the Bel Air MD area with other Lawyers and Judges. He will definitely remain our go-to lawyer if anything ever arises.” Justin

“I was very pleased with the way Mr. Cook handled my case. He was affordable and always kept in contact with me. He made sure I was kept up to date and also made sure it didn’t go to trial. He was organized and confident from the moment he heard my case. I did not have any reservations in trusting him with handling my difficult case. He was professional and sensitive in all of my dealings with him, and as a woman I really appreciated that. He was very positive and assured me that he would stand by me if I had to go to trial. Thanks to his efforts, I was able to settle out of court and got everything handled. 5stars to Timothy Cook.” Joanna

“After being involved in a car accident not only was my car a mess but I was too. I had no idea how to go about getting my medical bills/ car repairs paid. This is where Mr. Cook stepped in and he handled everything…I only had to focus on getting better. At the end of my case Mr. Cook exceeded my expectations when it came to my settlement. I would recommend him to anyone who really needs that extra helping hand in getting what they deserve.” Julie

“Tim is amazing! He has gone above and beyond. He explained every detail regarding my case, as well as worked with me on my payments. Super understanding! Thanks, Tim!” Erika

“Tim is amazing. He truly is a great person and a amazing lawyer. He has successfully gotten me off all my charges multiple times. I have had license suspensions and he gets my name cleared every time. I will always have him in my corner in a courtroom.” Gary

“Tim was very efficient and explained everything to me prior to seeing the Mva judge. I needed an attorney and he was there for me with very short notice. I would highly recommend him to anyone.” Jesse

“I have used Tim Cook since I was 18 years old with my first criminal charge he did wonders for me whether it was a criminal case, accident Tim was there for me and always goes above and beyond for his clients. I have recommended him many times and still would over and over.”


“Tim helped me out with a drinking and driving case. He is professional and was very helpful. Anytime I had a question he responded promptly and I felt comfortable going into my case. I recommended a friend that following week.” Tyson

“Excellent attorney. In three (03) previous cases, Tim provided me with outstanding services. I have known Tim for over 45 years and his services were “spot on!” I recommend his services to my personal contacts throughout the area.” John

“From my consult and on, attorney Timothy Cook was nothing but kind, well rounded and experienced. He walked me through every step of my case, was extremely clear and concise. Attorney Cook made himself available to me whenever I had any questions or concerns. He advised me well during such and trying and humiliating time in my life and for that I am extremely grateful. His experience and knowledge was even exemplified on my day in court when other less experienced attorneys came to him quietly for advice on their own cases, needless to say he put me at ease. I thought dealing with a lawyer was going to be dreadful and I could not have been more wrong with Attorney Timothy Cook. My case concluded exactly as he has predicted and I was relieved it was over and that I had been lucky enough to find such excellent counsel.” Christina

“Mr. Cook represented me 2 years ago for a criminal case that was handled very well and very professional. He reviewed every step prior to court and explained my options. I was satisfied with the outcome. Recently, I retained Mr. Cook for traffic violations. He took the time to explain the details of what to expect in the courtroom and was satisfied with the outcome. Mr. Cook is very easy to talk to and really gives you the facts and explains everything you need to know. I am so impressed by his knowledge and professionalism. I feel very luck to have Mr.Cook represent me.” Melanie Lynn

“It can be a little scary trying to find a lawyer in todays world, especially when you’ve had a bad experience with one in the past. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that not all lawyers are bad or just out to charge you an arm and a leg. Mr. Cook was extremely informative throughout my entire retainer, keeping me properly aware of my situation by giving me the best and worst case scenarios so there weren’t any surprises. I feel that I had a lawyer who took the time to hear me out regarding my case and the circumstances. I whole heartedly feel that I did retain a qualified, trustworthy and honest attorney who just wanted to see the best outcome for his client. I will definitely recommend Mr. Cook to my friends and family or anyone in need of legal services.” Kimberly

“Just when I needed a professional Tim came through . I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer. As soon as I met him I knew I would get the help I needed. Definitely going to use him next time I need a professional.” Kevin

“This man helped me more than I could have ever asked for. He took the time to go into depth with my case and help me reduce any major convictions I was facing. I would highly recommend this lawyer to anyone in this area who needs a Helping hand. A blessing. Thank you Tim for everything.” Taylore

“My name is Wehtee. Timothy Cook best lawyer in the world!!. He’s doing everything in his power to help me with My case. He does quality work, and makes sure you get a positive result! He will not give up on you no matter what. He’s the real MVP.” Wehtee

“I hired Mr Cook twice now and both times he has been very proffesional,informative and goes that extra mile for his cleints .Its not just a business to Mr cook he cares about his clients and always has their best interest in mind. He knows the law.And he always tells you your best option for your situation If you need a lawyer that cares for you ,then I highly recommend MR Timothy Cook. Mr Cook is always on your side.He is certainly one of the best, not just as a lawyer but as a person also. Thank You Mr Cook.” Melissa

“Mr. Cook is very professional and intelligent. Helped my family and i out tremendously. Have already recommended him to several friends and family. He keeps in touch with his clients and always keeps them informed. Will definately continue to recommend and use his services in the future!” Anonymous

“Tim handled my case in a very professional manner. He is knowledgeable and trustworthy. This was my second DUI in 15 years in Harford County and I was facing a fair amount of jail time. Tim was able to reduce my sentence and I honestly believe he got me the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend you consult with Tim Cook with any legal issue you have before going to court.” Anonymous

“Tim is a great guy with a lot of knowledge and you will be able to tell that from the first time you meet him! I was referred from a previous lawyer that is now a judge who very highly thought of his ability. He will be honest with you and upfront which is a must during most circumstances when a lawyer is needed and not just tell what you want or expect to hear. His communication is also great, I heard from him very often about where my case was going and what I or him needed to do an when. Overall Tim is a great honest and trustworthy person that is determined to help you out in any way he can, he should be highly recommended in any situation you are in or any help you may need!” Anonymous

“Mr. Cook was a superb attorney. He was extremely honest, caring, informative and driven. I felt thru the entire process of my case he made me feel comfortable. Mr. Cook made every effort as an attorney to assure my case would be factual, informative, and substantial. Mr. Cook fulfilled all of my expectations as an attorney. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation.” Tammy

“I was extremely pleased with the manner Mr. Cook handled my daughter’s case. It was a first time offense which could have had severe rep ructions for her, as well as, affected her future. He explained the charges to her, what sentenced it carried and what he believed would be the best defense for her to take. He answered all of her questions and made her feel comfortable . His experience and knowledge of the law is impeccable. Day of Court went over the court procedure with her so she would no what to expect. He was confident and prepared in front of Judge. The outcome was what we wanted. Very grateful for his help and would recommend!” Helena

“Mr. Cook negotiated a settlement for me when I was injured in an automobile accident by a drunk driver. I was pleased with the outcome of the case and received a higher settlement than anticipated. I would highly recommend Mr. Cook.” Anonymous

“I was injured in a car accident and hired Mr. Cook to handle my case. He was in constant contact with the insurance company and I received a great settlement. I would highly recommend Mr. Cook if you need a lawyer.” Maria

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