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Harford County Personal Injury Attorneys

harford county auto accident lawyerIf you have suffered an injury or been in an auto accident in Harford or Cecil County, you have enough to deal with visiting the doctor and getting better. You do not need the problem of talking to insurance companies that want to know if you are really hurt. You can be confident turning that concern over to Harford County, MD personal injury lawyer, Timothy A. Cook. Mr. Cook maintains an office in downtown Bel Air, right next to the district courthouse.

If you or a loved one became injured because of negligence — whether it is another driver, a building owner, a medical professional or some other wrongdoer — the law allows you to seek money damages. The sooner you take action to protect your rights, the more likely it is that we can preserve necessary evidence, interview essential witnesses, and otherwise begin to prepare the case.

Many victims do not realize the value of their case and are taken advantage of by claims adjusters and the insurance company. Insurance companies will seek to deny claims, avoid liability, and inaccurately assess the value of your case. Without the advocacy of an experienced and effective auto accident lawyer, you may risk losing the full value of your case.

Because the types of injuries vary greatly, it is important to have a lawyer with extensive experience in all types of personal injury, including the following:

Car Accidents including drunk driving accidents and rear end collisions.

Truck Accidents including DUI accidents and jack-knife accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents including single bike and reckless driving accidents

Wrongful Death caused by auto accidents, animal attacks, assault and work accidents

Medical Malpractice including surgical errors, misdiagnosis and medication errors

Slip and Fall including workplace slip and fall and retail store accidents.

Dog Bites regardless of what type and or breed of dog

Use of Defective Products such as baby products or recalled products

Injuries Seen In Harford County Accident Cases

Over the course of his lega career Bel Air Personal Injury Lawyer Timothy A. Cook has handled all types of injury claims including, but not limited to, amputations, broken bones, head injuries, concussions, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, comas, post traumatic stress disorder, whiplash, back injuries such as disc injuries and wrongful death. If you, or someone you care for, has been the victim of an accident in Harford County, Maryland please seek legal guidance from a qualified Bel Air personal injury lawyer.

Benefits In Maryland Injury Cases

Under current Maryland personal injury laws accident victims can possibly obtain numerous benefits and different forms of monetary compensation. Commonly awarded benefits, also sometimes referred to as damages, in Maryland accident claims are:

Lost wage compensation

Medical expense compensation and reimbursement

Pain and suffering compensation

Diminished quality of life compensation

Death, funeral and survival benefits if the accident claimed the life of a loved one

Please remember that the insurance companies job is to not pay you, or pay you as little as possible to settle the case. Do not speak with them directly. Let a competent Harford County injury attorneys work on your behalf and get you the benefits and compensation you rightfully deserve per Maryland injury laws.

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Do not hesitate to contact Bel Air Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Timothy A. Cook for a free consultation. Mr. Cook serves those with legal needs throughout Cecil County and Harford County including Elkton, Chesapeake City, North East, Rising Sun, Bel Air, Aberdeen, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Havre De Grace, Joppa, White Marsh and Edgewood, Maryland.