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Initial Consultation with a Cook a Cecil & Harford County Lawyer

I am committed to managing your case as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Most legal services can be provided on either an hourly rate or flat fee basis. Clients generally prefer the predictability of flat fees; however, not all matters lend themselves to such a fee arrangement. During your free initial consultation via email or telephone, we can discuss which type of fee structure is best suited to your situation.

Payment for flat fee services are due in advance. Hourly rate services usually require a fee retainer prior to the commencement of legal work. Hourly fees will be discussed during consultation.

I value my long-term relationships with my clients. I am always pleased to discuss billing policies, invoices, and ways to keep litigation expenses reasonable with my current and prospective clients. If you are looking for an experienced attorney who makes it a policy to avoid unreasonable charges and surprise invoices, please call me at (410) 838-5041. I welcome the opportunity to assist you.

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